My toddler peed in the potty! And I had no idea how to clean it up.

My toddler peed in the potty! And I had no idea how to clean it up.
Let me preface this post by saying that we are not actively potty-training our toddler. We’ve introduced the potty (both kinds!) and have gone as far as having him sit on it without a diaper, but we haven’t been stringent with any training.

So yesterday morning, my toddler calls out, “Caca!” which he usually says after he’s pooped in his diapers. “Okay, let’s get you changed on the  changing station,” I replied.

But after unstrapping his diaper, I found that it was still empty. He had been a bit constipated so I think him calling out “caca” was his attempt at pooping it out. Either way, I said, “You don’t have caca yet; do you want to sit on the potty and see if you can poop it out there?”

As usual, he obliged, because he seems to actually enjoy sitting on the potty, even reading for several minutes. I sat him down and said, “I’ll bring you more books.” But when I came back, I noticed that he had peed in his potty for the very first time! I praised him for having gone pee pee and had him stand up so he can see his pee in the potty.

Then… I didn’t know how to clean the potty. I told my husband the story later that night and he said, “Well, you did flush it down the toilet, right?”

“Of course,” I lied immediately. Actually my first thought was to rinse it out in the sink and thought, “No, that’s gross.” But apparently I thought a less-gross way to clean the potty was to dump the pee down the bathtub and rinse it there. Which is what I unfortunately did.

For all the times we’ve had our toddler sit on the potty, I had never considered the day when he might actually have a successful bowel movement. Thankfully it was just pee and not poop because who knows what bungled up idea I would have come up with on how to clean his potty.

After I rinsed the potty and got my toddler all diapered again, the first thing I did was jump on my computer and look up how exactly does one go about cleaning a potty—the right way. And here’s a method that seems to work for me: Flush the pee or poop down the toilet, rinse out the potty with water (I guess I’ll still do this in the tub) and wipe with antibacterial wipes or bleach.

Still, I’m not sure how to actually get the poop out; do you scoop it out with a wipe? Ugh, I’m starting to think I know now why I haven’t been actively potty-training—diapers are so much more convenient in comparison! I’m also not looking forward to accidents where we’ll have to clean up pee and poop on our carpet. Not to mention going out in public and not knowing what to do with my kid if he has to pee or poop and there’s no bathroom nearby. Right now if he wants to pee and he’s wearing diapers, I can just say, “Go right ahead, pee to your heart’s content!” Not so much with undies.

We’ll probably start being more regular with him sitting on a potty, especially since he’s quite predictable (usually 15 minutes after eating and he’s already pooped). In the meantime, I’ll have to buy more antibacterial wipes and hope I can clean it up better next time.

Do you have other advice you’d like to give yours truly on cleaning up a potty?

p.s. is now!


To potty train or not?

Since LO tends to poop after each meal, I had him sit on his potty after dinner to try and go in there instead of in his diaper. He actually complied! This is the first time that he even sat on the potty with his diaper off. He sat there for about 25 minutes—quite a long time! But once it started getting close to bath time, I put his diaper back on.

And what happens five minutes after his diaper is on? He tells me, “Mama, go to living room.” So I go, and I hear him in the hallway grunting. When he runs back to me, I check his diaper and it had poop!

Baby steps, baby steps. At least he sat in the potty with his clothes off. I may try it again where he’s sitting in it closer to bath time if that’s when he tends to poop.

He also doesn’t wake up with a dry diaper. I’ve read that that’s a big sign that they’re ready because they know the concept of holding in their pee.

He does say that he has caca, and he is predictable. Other than that though, he hasn’t really been too inclined to poop in a potty just yet.

Stomach flu day two

I took the day off today so that both of us could help LO out with his stomach flu. I’m happy to report that he slept through the night. The doctor recommended that we wake him up in the middle of the night to replenish him with more Pedialyte, but even though I was touching him and talking to him, he wouldn’t wake up at midnight. So we just let him sleep through it.

Not only did he sleep the whole time, he actually even slept longer than he usually does. Normally by 6:10am or so he’s already up and playing in his room. Today, he was conked out and so silent that I had to check in on him at 6:40am to make sure he was okay. He was still sound asleep, and only at 7am, when I walked in again, did he wake up.

We weren’t supposed to give him solids until noon (24 hours since his first vomit) so we gave him more Pedialyte, apple juice, and water. We tried giving broth but in hindsight I should have listened to my husband who suggested giving it to him with a spoon. Sorry, babe! 😉

He woke up happy and smiling; so different from how he fell asleep, which was cranky and weak. We continued sanitizing our place, we washed our hands often, and we made it a point not to put our hands on our eyes, nose or mouth. Since stomach flu is ridiculously contagious, the last thing we need is for one or both of us to have it.

The first solids we gave him was sweet potato soup, crackers and pretzel balls. He had another liquid-y poop but my guess is that it’s because of the liquid diet he’s been on. Hopefully once his lunch digests, he’ll poop out more solids. Thankfully this whole morning he hasn’t vomited or had major diarrhea.

He’s still contagious up to ten days, so we still have to be diligent about sanitizing. I’m supposed to have my family over tomorrow for my birthday so we’ll see how that goes!

Edit: I forgot to add that when LO was sipping his Pedialyte, he took his sippy cup and gave it to Lovey and said, “Lovey, get better.” Aww, he was so cute. It was like he was being the parent helping his Lovey get better.

Poop machine

First it was, “Yay he pooped!” Now it’s “Yay no poop!” For the past two weeks, LO has been a pooping machine, to the point where he developed a diaper rash. It’s starting to clear up now, but there are still hints of rash on his butt. I bought Triple Paste which other moms swear by and the Crisco-like tub of cream seems to be doing its job. I think it’s the kiwi that caused the initial upset in his stomach. Or maybe he had a stomach virus, who knows.

He even poops after he sleeps! He never did that before; he would only have a heavy diaper of pee but never poop. He pretty much poops after he eats. There was even a point when he would eat and poop at the same time, whether it was drinking his milk or sitting in his high chair. You would hear a fart, or he would grunt. Hey at least he’s efficient.

He’s 6 months!

Well, he’s 6 months tomorrow, but we went for our check up today with the pediatrician. She said he looked great with his growth. He’s 79th percentile for height and 40th percentile for weight; in other words, tall and skinny (just like his dad!). She asked if he could transfer an object from one hand to the other and I wasn’t able to answer since I hadn’t noticed or been looking for that particular skill. With the other milestones though, he’s hit them all.

Now for the bad news: his head pimples are back. Thankfully it’s just a few this time, so we can apply topical antibiotics instead of the drops we administered last month. But it’s still antibiotics, so that’s no good. She suggested washing his head with water and a few drops of bleach (few as in, 2mL in a gallon of water) to prevent his staph infection from coming back. Her point is, bleach is better than antibiotics.

Then more bad news: he also has mild eczema. His skin is so sensitive and dry (also just like his dad), so his cheeks grow red and flaky. We need to apply lotion a lot (as in, 10 times a day. “Keep him greased,” the pediatrician advised). Along with lotion, we’ll need to apply hydrocortizone as well to keep the areas from being itchy and tempting the little guy to scratch away.

I mentioned his napping problems, and she said not to worry, that we’re doing our best, and that babies his age are so fascinated by their surroundings that they don’t want to miss anything, even for a nap. I told her about our  check-ins and how he gets worse when we actually check-in. She suggested just letting him be for 20 minutes, and if he’s still going crazy at that point, just pick him up and try the nap later. So I did that when we got home, and it works! Well, at 20 minutes he was still awake but not screaming his head off, so I just held off from picking him up just yet. Thankfully I did because six minutes later, he was fast asleep (and still is!). So for his naps I’ll try just letting him be and not do any check-ins.

He got his three shots, and of course he cried but he was a little trooper. I just kissed him and made his favorite sounds that always guarantee a smile from him. We got home though and he was throwing a fit so I gave him Tylenol. He’s also constipated; I would see him making his “squeezing” faces, and I thought he was pooping, but when I checked his diaper, there was nothing. So I gave him the trusty ol’ prune juice.

Also, now that he’s been sleeping on his back, he seems more comfortable in the car seat. He didn’t cry on the way to the pediatrician’s office, and on the way back, I think he even dozed off (after a brief crying stint). Hopefully this is the start of a better relationship with the car seat.

It’s crazy to think that he’s halfway to being a year old, and just how much more he’s going to change in the next six months. I see one year old kids and can’t imagine him being that old. But then again, I look at his newborn photos, and am in awe at how much he’s already grown. I truly relish every day, even the crappy ones, because he’s only going to be this age, this month, this minute just once, and then it’s gone.