The genesis
As with many blogs about parenthood, this one started out as an online journal catered to a small circle of family and friends. I recorded milestones, described our outings, but more importantly, I wrote down lessons I learned about being a mom. As the blog slowly started to grow, I realized that the posts might be helpful to other parents, whether I wrote about tips or topics that made me delve deeper into my own parenting methods.

In January 2012, I launched the blog into the public space, hoping to connect and share with other parents all that I’m learning in this new (or not-so-new) role of mine.

What this blog isn’t
You won’t find any diatribes for or against particular ways of parenting: I won’t persuade you to vaccinate, breastfeed, go to work, or sleep train your baby, for instance. So, even though I talk about how to stay motivated with breastfeeding or why I don’t bother with working mom guilt, those are topics I share only because I went through the experience, and are by no means a call to action to end all formula-feeding or to tell every mom to work outside the home.

What you’ll find
Together, we’ll discuss child development and behavior, communicating better with our little ones, and how to stay sane when parenting gets the best of us. You’ll hear from other parents about effective ways to help your frightened toddler overcome her fear of bath time or the importance of the family dinner. Hopefully each time you read the blog, you’ll walk away with more tips and motivation on how to be a better parent.

Who am I?

I’m a 32-year-old working mom to a two-year-old little one (whom I refer to as “LO” in this blog). I’m a Southern Cali girl, hence some references to beautiful weather and unbelievable traffic (it’s all true). When I’m not with LO, I’m usually cooking in the kitchen, tapping away on the computer or reading yet another book. I can’t get enough of How I Met Your Mother. I love anything about parenting, and I’m always interested in finding ways to live frugally and ecologically.

As my tagline states, this blog records what I learned as a mom. I’m not an expert; instead I sought to improve my own parenting—particularly when I ran into challenges—and turned to books, friends, and other blogs and sites, hoping to find answers. I started writing about what I’ve learned, took the advice that worked for me and wanted to share how doing so has helped me become a better mom to my child.

The site has grown steadily thanks in large part to the SSBE community—readers like you who turn to the site for information, discuss thought-provoking topics and share parenting tips in the comments. If you’re new around here, check out our popular tips as well as our most viewed posts.

Welcome! Thanks for reading along and joining us.

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37 thoughts on “About

  1. Hiya!
    Congratulations on having an outstanding and creative Blog! I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award, please check out my post (here to accept my award) to find out why I have nominated you and how you can accept it.
    Enjoy your day, and happy blogging.
    Little Emz x

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday. Always nice to connect with other working mums out there 🙂
    xo Jaime

  3. Thanks for checking out my post. Oh if my toddler would sleep – I am about to just give up on naps altogether 🙂 cute blog

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I completely agree on the sleep thing. That’s the one major bugbear I have with babies. They cry when they’re tired – so just go to sleep then!!! 😀

  5. Hey, Sleeping Mom-

    LOVE your blog. I am a SAHD to a three-year-old girl and I totally feel ya on just about every topic you’ve written about. Glad to have a fellow sleepless blogger to follow! Yay!

  6. Hey there
    Love the blog and can relate to it all!! Our little darling is 16 months old and still doesn’t really sleep through the night despite us trying a variety of apparently ‘tried and tested and successful’ methods – yeah right!! Look forward to reading more of your travels as you are one step ahead of us so I can be prepared for what’s to come!!

  7. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Great to have an online community of moms who are going through the same life stage. Look forward to reading more of your entries.

  8. So glad you stopped by my blog. I can definitely relate! Looking forward to reading more. I know people say that you will be tired as a parent but I never imagined how tired I would be!

  9. I love your blog! We are just getting started on parenthood but it is getting better. She is sleeping through the night now, which has made my life so much better. It is amazing how much better I can function through the day when I have had more than 3 hours of sleep!

    • Elizabeth, I hear you… I swear my life turned around the day my little guy was able to sleep through the night haha. Completely different person. I remember being so sleep deprived that I would just say the randomest things and not able to fully function. I’m still tired, but that’s my fault; I end up staying up late because I can hehe. Now my little guy sleeps 7:30pm to 7am thank goodness!!

  10. Hi there. Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my first post! Its good to connect with other mums out there – that’s one of the reasons I started it! Sleep as always is a big issue about which I will be blogging soon… I will be sure to check out your sleep related posts too!

  11. Thanks for stopping by at my blog! I’m sure I’ll find some useful sleeping tips for my little girl here! And also give me an idea of what to expect as she gets older too! 🙂

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  13. Hello! I’m a newbie blogger, thanks for checking out my post! I’m also a first-time mom (in LA!) to a sometimes sleep challenged 23 month old. I used valuable time yesterday as he slept to read through your blog – thoroughly enjoyed it and will continue follow you! Thanks!!!

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