Promote healthy eating habits in children

Promote healthy eating habits in toddlers
Today I’m excited to be with Tori at The sTORIbook discussing healthy eating habits in children. For those who don’t know Tori, a bit of an introduction: she’s a mom to one-year-old Luke, hails from San Antonio Texas, runs her own business from home in PR and marketing and is your go-to gal for fashion, decorating and anything vintage. Tori is also a regular SSBE reader and you’ll often find her in the comments section.

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Without further ado, here are the first few lines of the post featured on The sTORIbook:

This past weekend, my two-year-old tasted chocolate for the first time. Sure, he had eaten pastries and baked goods before, but chocolate would be new. I was adamant about avoiding sweets and processed food for the longest time—anything from the obvious culprits like fast food and hard candy to the more innocuous ones like homemade treats that grandma made. A part of me was scared that he would morph into a sweets-only toddler boy that would shun all healthy food the minute his mouth bit into that chocolate chip cookie.

Thankfully, that didn’t happen.

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