7 simple ways to prevent parent burnout (slideshare)

There are seriously some days where I’m too tired to even be tired.
Sometimes my toddler sleeps late (8:15pm… oooh!) which means more time chasing after a little guy, and less relaxing, drink-some-tea time for me. My husband also drives through an insane commute and doesn’t get home til much later, so I tend to have sole duty of the evening chaos.

Parenting seems to come with its own guaranteed exhaustion that arrives right along with the baby, no matter how organized or prepared you normally are. When you realize that changing his diaper, giving him a bath, picking him up, and every other parenting duty you have to do isn’t likely to go away any time soon, you’re hit with parent burnout. I remember wanting to just crash after he was down for the night only to remember that I still had to pack his lunch for the next day and realizing, “Holy cow, I have to do this practically every day for the next several years!” Not a good way to start a supposedly relaxing evening.

During the moment, I feel all doom and gloom: “What has my life come to?… Weekends aren’t any better because you just have to go right back to it in two days…” and so on. Thankfully though, those thoughts and experiences come and go. More than anything, I love being a mom and even—dare I say?—enjoy mommy duty chores like the aforementioned tasks. But when the days grow rough and you’re ready to down a glass of wine and “forget” all the tasks you have to do, consider the following ways you can prevent and deal with parent burnout:

(Download the PDF)

How do you prevent and deal with parent burnout? Are there certain conditions that make you more likely to feel burned out?

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11 thoughts on “7 simple ways to prevent parent burnout (slideshare)

  1. I do “take care of myself”, take time for Yoga (at lunch time on the working days), go for a swim (kinda killing time while waiting for my girl to finish her swimming class). and also i do “spend time alone” not that often, but i just did it yesterday evening with my girlfriend. it was totally a nice feeling to be able to have a decent conversation with friend, and don’t have to look around what and where my girls are doing. eventually, when mommy is happy, everybody is happy!!

  2. Great Slideshare. I really have challenges with #2 – Take Care of Yourself. I have been feeling quite lethargic in the early afternoon lately and I know it’s due to my poor lunch habits. Every day I’m so focused on making Oster’s lunch, that I just throw whatever I can on a plate for myself. Yesterday I ate a chick pea and spinach “burger” with a side of lentil beans (Oster refused to eat any of the lentils I cooked, so I’m putting them on my plate at every meal).

    His naps are sporadic now as he’s figuring out if he’ll take one long nap or two short ones. So I can never be prepared with my lunch. As I’m typing this out, I guess I could make my lunch a head of time (the night before) so it’s ready and I can enjoy a real meal with him. So helpful to talk things out!

    I now set realistic expectations and my days are lovely. This piece of advice holds true.

    I’m fortunate to have someone that helps with the chores. My husband is fantastic and grabbing Oster when he gets home so that I can do whatever it is I need to do (even if it’s playing with them) is so helpful. He even does the dishes 🙂

  3. Absolutely!! I finally have found time to get away for really alone time once a week. I go over to the bookstore when my husband gets home. He watches the littles and bathes them and puts them to bed. And I go out and do some coffee sipping, bookstore browsing, and sometimes blog writing. We absolutely have to take care ourselves if we are expected to care for anyone else.

  4. Rest and exercise. We also live near the in laws so we are pretty fortunate to have a break when we need it. I’m sick right now, which is when my fuse is the shortest. I can see how easy it is to get burnout though. Kids are work. Wonderful but work.

  5. I love the slide share. I have definitely been close to the burnout brink. It’s nice to have a reminder to breathe, calm down, learn how to say no, and be the parent you want your children to remember you as. Great advice!

  6. This is great! I exercise with my son, and then do yoga and meditation at night alone. I find that if I exercise with him, we have a better day. If you do it at the park and work in the running around after them, do push- up and jumping jacks, squats etc. You get a wicked workout. My breaking points come from cleaning and cooking. It was stupid to think I could work full time and not get help!

  7. Great post – love the slideshare. I have set up a home gym (of sorts) and when I am woken up at 5 or 6am (aaaaarggghhh!) I put the littlie on a beanbag and I do 30mins on the elliptical. Then we both do yoga together. Instead of being grumpy and resentful, I have started to enjoy our ‘special time’ when the other two and hubby are still sleeping. Love your blog. Thanks for visiting mine!

  8. Saved this in my files! I love #4. I almost never have alone time. Thanks for reminding me that I do. xo

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