Weekend links and our spring time carrots

Weekend links and harvested carrots
If that carrot doesn’t look mighty huge and impressive… it’s because it’s not. The carrots measured a mere four or five inches before the roots eventually tailed off, probably looking for more ground that my itty bitty pot couldn’t offer.

I’m still not deterred from gardening! In fact, we already pulled a few from the soil and cooked a shrimp stir-fry as well as baked a dozen carrot cupcakes—my first time baking with LO, believe it or not. More importantly, LO was able to witness carrots being pulled from the ground, so hopefully he understands the process of seed-to-vegetable and that food doesn’t just appear magically at the table.

In fact, I’m so undeterred, I’m on to my next experiment: zucchini. Ambitious? Yes. But according to the lady at the garden center (who I hope wasn’t just trying to sell me a packet of seeds), zucchini should be able to grow in my pot.

This time I’ll make sure to add a ton of soil. Hopefully the zucchini will have better luck than the carrots. And hey, I can always hide my mistakes in zucchini bread.

In the meantime, check out some links I’ve found throughout the web:

  • Ted Talks features Jeffrey Kluger who discusses The sibling bond. According to the site, Kluger “…explores the profound life-long bond between brothers and sisters, and the influence of birth order, favoritism and sibling rivalry.”
  • Finally, The New York Times describes a scene with A child, a gadget, a guest and a question of etiquette. The author asks what you would do if a child’s friend was absorbed with a gadget—an iPad, for instance—the entire time the families were together. Are they interacting with one another? How do you encourage turn-taking? [Edit: I just fixed the link to this article.]

Any tips you can share with yours truly for growing zucchini? What’s growing in your garden right now?

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8 thoughts on “Weekend links and our spring time carrots

  1. Your carrot looks wonderful! Thanks for the recipe for the carrot cupcakes. They look delicious. Hang in there with your gardening. Right now, we only have basil growing 🙂 I’m waiting another year before I tackle anything huge.

  2. The second article was interesting to me. My husband is the stay-at-home parent in our house, but unlike what the article implies, he basically runs our household. He cooks all of our meals, washes the laundry, does the dishes, maintains the house and the car, takes care of the pets… My luck has made me lazy. I fold the laundry and on the weekends, I do the dishes and sometimes make lunch or breakfast, but that’s about it. I am sending the Huffington Post article to the husband to see what his thoughts are. Should make for interesting discussion. 🙂

  3. That looks just like the carrots we pulled out last year. We were still so excited that we had grown our first carrots that we made each of the kids hold one for a picture. We laugh every time we see that picture because the kids’ faces demonstrate just how not impressed they are! Ha! Maybe this year will be better.

  4. Zucchini is super easy to grow (and fast!) but I agree with Corie, once they start growing keep up with them because the little ones (like 6-8 inches) taste way better than the longer ones. Be aware they take up a large amount of space too, last year a single leaf was close to a foot across! I planted four in a hill like hte seed package directed and then let them all grow… mistake! Don’t let more than one or two grow in a space or you’ll be overrun!

    Oh, and I’m super jealous of your weather and carrots, I planted a bit late but even so I wouldn’t have been able to pick for almost another month if I’d planted “on time” for this climate! My carrots are just now coming out with their “real” leaves 🙂

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