Weekend links and the cat that’s spelled ‘meow’

Weekend links and the cat that's spelled 'meow'
My toddler has gone book-bonkers and spends a huge chunk of his day flipping through books. He likes to recite the lines, all the while tracing the words with his fingers as if he were really reading them. Or we’ll hear, “What’s that say?” as he points to lines in a book (of course asking this over… and over… and over).

He can also now identify certain words. When we walk around the block, he knows that the stop signs are spelled S-T-O-P and that those letters spell out the word “stop.” At first I thought he just knew that stop signs in general say stop, but yesterday we were driving and he saw the word “stop” written on a wall. “That says ‘stop’,” he pointed out. He also knows that the letters N-O spells the word “no,” so that when the word comes up in signs or in books, he knows that that spells “no.”

He doesn’t know how to actually read yet—I pointed out the word “go” to see if he would put two and two together and realize that while N-O spells “no,” G-O spells “go.” But he just looked at the word and waited for me to tell him what the big deal is. So, yay that he can identify a few words, but so far he’s still working on the actual reading part.

Which may also be why, as we were reading a book of sounds, he saw a picture of a cat with the word “meow” on the bottom and proudly spelled “M-E-O-W…’Cat’!” If only “cat” was spelled “meow.” But you can’t blame the kid for trying. And try he does—as I watch him burrow his frown while he flips through the pages, I can almost see the gears in his brain working, trying to de-code this crazy thing called reading.

Speaking of reading, here are a few links to read this Sunday:

  • The NY Times featured an article called The Non-Joie of Parenting. With the newest parenting book floating around—Bringing Up Bébé—the author wonders whether the methods prescribed in the book can even be applicable to most U.S. families.
  • And over at Power of Moms, April Perry tells moms that Your Children Want YOU! The downside of Pinterest and the vast reach of the internet is that we see all the crafty things moms are doing and suddenly feel convinced that we have to do them as well or else we’re not being a “good mom.” Me? Not so much. I’m not going to beat myself up if all I managed to do for Easter was buy some plastic eggs and stickers to fill them in (and really, it was my husband who did this, so I really fail on the Pinterest report card).

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4 thoughts on “Weekend links and the cat that’s spelled ‘meow’

  1. I have been avoiding the Pinterest craze, although I did sign up. I understand that it is the equivilent of on-line hoarding, but perhaps I don’t “surf” the internet enough to have anything worth hoarding. I also agree with your thoughts. As if I didn’t have ENOUGH to do, now I’ve gotta be Motha Stewart? No thanks. I’ve been taking a huge pass on the holidays that my daughter is too young to even remember. She got Easter presents, but I pulled them out of their Wal-mart bags on Easter morning, directly from the closet where they were hiding (only because our cats eat plastic) and handed them to her. It was great. Next year, I’ve gotta work on the Easter-bunny thing. 🙂

    • Yup. I can get crafty here and there, but one thing I’m sorely lacking is the decorating skill. My toddler’s room doesn’t look decorated at all. He has mismatched bedding, random colored toys and rugs… sigh!

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