My toddler peed in the potty! And I had no idea how to clean it up.

My toddler peed in the potty! And I had no idea how to clean it up.
Let me preface this post by saying that we are not actively potty-training our toddler. We’ve introduced the potty (both kinds!) and have gone as far as having him sit on it without a diaper, but we haven’t been stringent with any training.

So yesterday morning, my toddler calls out, “Caca!” which he usually says after he’s pooped in his diapers. “Okay, let’s get you changed on the  changing station,” I replied.

But after unstrapping his diaper, I found that it was still empty. He had been a bit constipated so I think him calling out “caca” was his attempt at pooping it out. Either way, I said, “You don’t have caca yet; do you want to sit on the potty and see if you can poop it out there?”

As usual, he obliged, because he seems to actually enjoy sitting on the potty, even reading for several minutes. I sat him down and said, “I’ll bring you more books.” But when I came back, I noticed that he had peed in his potty for the very first time! I praised him for having gone pee pee and had him stand up so he can see his pee in the potty.

Then… I didn’t know how to clean the potty. I told my husband the story later that night and he said, “Well, you did flush it down the toilet, right?”

“Of course,” I lied immediately. Actually my first thought was to rinse it out in the sink and thought, “No, that’s gross.” But apparently I thought a less-gross way to clean the potty was to dump the pee down the bathtub and rinse it there. Which is what I unfortunately did.

For all the times we’ve had our toddler sit on the potty, I had never considered the day when he might actually have a successful bowel movement. Thankfully it was just pee and not poop because who knows what bungled up idea I would have come up with on how to clean his potty.

After I rinsed the potty and got my toddler all diapered again, the first thing I did was jump on my computer and look up how exactly does one go about cleaning a potty—the right way. And here’s a method that seems to work for me: Flush the pee or poop down the toilet, rinse out the potty with water (I guess I’ll still do this in the tub) and wipe with antibacterial wipes or bleach.

Still, I’m not sure how to actually get the poop out; do you scoop it out with a wipe? Ugh, I’m starting to think I know now why I haven’t been actively potty-training—diapers are so much more convenient in comparison! I’m also not looking forward to accidents where we’ll have to clean up pee and poop on our carpet. Not to mention going out in public and not knowing what to do with my kid if he has to pee or poop and there’s no bathroom nearby. Right now if he wants to pee and he’s wearing diapers, I can just say, “Go right ahead, pee to your heart’s content!” Not so much with undies.

We’ll probably start being more regular with him sitting on a potty, especially since he’s quite predictable (usually 15 minutes after eating and he’s already pooped). In the meantime, I’ll have to buy more antibacterial wipes and hope I can clean it up better next time.

Do you have other advice you’d like to give yours truly on cleaning up a potty?

p.s. is now!


18 thoughts on “My toddler peed in the potty! And I had no idea how to clean it up.

  1. I laughed when reading this. That was my morning last week. You don’t scoop the poop, just take the white part out and turn it upside down and dump into the toilet. Lysol wipes are the best. I haven’t figured out what to do when out and about. Although, I now plan where we go according to washrooms!

  2. We are about where you are in the potty training stage of life. He’s showing some interest and he’s peed a few times and pooped once in his potty chair but we’re not actually seriously pursuing it yet. About your bathtub, what you did isn’t all that bad. Urine is actually sterile when it leaves the body unless there is a UTI involved. The poop we had in our potty just plopped out into the toilet when I tipped the container. Then I just had to wipe out any residue. I’m also dreading the whole out in public in panties during the more serious stage of potty training! Luckily many brands of potty training undies have a little padding and a layer of PUL so supposedly can contain one urinary accident without letting the clothing get all soaked.

    • here is what you do for public potties. When you pull the liners out, they have that fold… keep em folded. Use one ‘long’ ways over the gap at the front of the potty, to keep little legs from touching yucky stuff, then TWO put on the toilet the normal way. When they wiggle, they will tear the liners, but much less likely to touch gross public bathroom toilet surfaces.

  3. I usually run a little water into the potty when she had had a #2 so that when I pour it in the toilet there is less likely to be residue that I then have to wipe out. If there is I usually put more water in and swish it around that way and then dump it in the toilet.

  4. We’re pretty much in the same stage too. She’s gone a few times but isn’t interested on a daily basis or anything. I’ve heard that if you wait until they’re really ready it goes much faster. That’s what I’m holding out for because I have no interest in a long, drawn out process. Diapers seem so much easier for now…

  5. That’s exactly what you do, you dump everything in the toilet, rinse and wipe. It helps when you have other mums around, i saw others doing it and it helped when my girl started to go. if you want to make things even easier for yourself just buy a toilet seat for him and sit him straight on the toilet.

  6. That is great!

    You could also use toilet paper to scoop out the poop since that can be flushed along with it, and wipes cannot.

    We are trying to potty train our son, who is 4.5. He’s special needs, but totally doesn’t mind sitting in a wet diaper :/ He doesn’t like sitting in poop, but he still won’t go on the potty. They even try twice a day at school with him…

    It’s frustrating. At this rate our daughter who is 1 will be out of diapers before him!

  7. Great story,potty training stinks! Click this link for a very simple yet helpful aid through your journey. This is a post written not too long ago to try to help them get the Tinkle Tube sold at Wal-Mart stores. Not sure if it is being sold anywhere else, but the links in this post will lead you to a video explaining how helpful it really is and to the site that sells it. It was given to me with my first son and I am using it for my second and will with my third to help lessen the stress and mess of potty training.

  8. This made me laugh because we are also at the same stage. My son just LOVES his potty and if he sees it will want to ‘play’ around it for hours if I let him. The other night he was not happy that I put the potty away (he wasn’t doing anything and had been playing for half an hour) and said ‘bath time’, so he weed on the floor!! Little monkey.

    As for cleaning up a friend gave me a great tip to keep a spray bottle of diluted white vinegar in the bathroom for any spills and also to spray in the potty at the end as a natural disinfectant.

  9. Oh no… how had I never comtemplated potty cleaning! We haven’t reached this stage yet – get absolutely hysterics if a potty is even mentioned – I probably would have had a similar thought process to you. Thanks for the post!

  10. we are living this right now. our son recently decided that it was ok to pee on the potty, and has been a champ!, but when it comes to #2, he has regressed, and he not only goes in his undies, but then tries to hide the fact, and cries when we find out what he did. We have had to toss several pairs of todler undies, as we just couldnt bear to bring ourselves to hand wash them. he is so upset we end up consoling him.

  11. I’m “trying” to potty train my 27 months daughter. so far… “failed”, she got the concept of asking to go to the potty, but nothing comes out. well, i do hope it comes soon. By the way, why did your son say “caca”? that’s somehow french, are you?

    • I’m actually Filipino but my husband is Mexican and that’s how he grew up calling poop lol. I’m not sure if it’s a Spanish or French thing, but I wouldn’t be surprised since those two languages have similar words.

  12. My 27 month old has been pooping on the potty since she was 8 or 9 months old thanks to Elimination Communication. We used cloth diapers, so poop in the potty was MUCH preferred than the diaper. I just dump and knock the potty on the toilet. If there’s “mushy bits” left behind I’ll wipe, then rinse in the bathtub under the hottest water. I’ll periodically do a bleach soak overnight to kill off all the baddies.

    We’re working on getting #1 in the potty too. She’s fully capable of it at this point but she likes the convenience of diapers. She does better in underwear out of the house than in, because she knows at home I’ll do a quick change into dry pants. As far as she knows now, there aren’t any spare pants at the park!

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