Weekend links and my little tattletale

My little tattletale
Yesterday my husband went out to get the groceries while my toddler and I stayed home since it was raining outside. I was freezing my butt off so I grabbed my husband’s hooded sweatshirt and pulled it on. LO looked at me curiously, probably wondering why in the world Mama was wearing Daddy’s sweatshirt. Still, he said nothing…

That is, until my husband stepped through the door. The first thing out of my toddler’s mouth? “She can wear that?” he asked my husband,  pointing at me with the sweatshirt on, guilty as charged.

“Yes, she can wear that,” my husband assured our toddler. Sigh… what else do I have to watch out for before my toddler rats me out?

But enough about that! On to the links:

  • My aunt forwarded me this article from The Huffington Post called Tantrums: Doing What Comes Naturally by Betsy Brown Braun. The author writes that tantrums are a part of normal development and results from the child’s frustration. Coupled with lousy local conditions, tantrums can make for some serious challenges. You’ll find eight tactics on how to deal with these very challenging moments.
  • Next up, my husband sent me this link from The New York Times called The Benefits of Bilingualism. In addition to the being able to speak with a wider audience, bilingualism “…can have a profound effect on your brain, improving cognitive skills not related to language and even shielding against dementia in old age.”
  • And finally, The Happiest Mom wrote an interesting post called Why do I hire help? Because I want to, that’s why. She considers the cleaning service an indulgence that she admits she’s fortunate to even consider, but one that she shouldn’t feel guilty for. I know several people who have hired help clean their home, but I can’t imagine doing so for myself. I already feel awkward when a waiter comes by and mops up my crumbs for me!

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9 thoughts on “Weekend links and my little tattletale

    • Hey Oana, what you do is select/highlight the words you want to link, then on the top of the window there’s a little icon that looks like a chain link, just click that and it’ll pop open a window. Then I just paste the link I want the words to link to in “URL.” If I want the link to open up in a browser window, I select “Open link in a new…”

      If you’re trying to link to older posts you have, make sure you’re pasting the actual link of the post and not just your main blog. Let me know if that works!

      • Haha…I can relate. When I had my first child, I lived at my parents’ home. One morning, my older sister hijacked one of my shirts from my closet without asking me first. No worries, though, because my two-year-old saw my sister putting the shirt on, and she screamed like a car alarm, “That’s my mommy’s shirt. Take it off.” (repeatedly) Who needs a watchdog when you have a toddler?

  1. Hahaha funny your son rating you out lol. My son gives his daddy a whole long story when he gets home. pity he can’t really understand what he’s saying to him.

    Re hiring help. I really would like to hire help but I always have this feeling that the help would go snooping through my things. And while I have nothing to hide, I just think I’d rather keep my home private. I know, I’m just a bit weird but I’m working on it 🙂 maybe by 2015 I might allow someone to dust the conservatory.

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