Weekend links and planting carrots

Planting carrots
I’m a wanna-be-green thumb. In our old apartment I grew a tomato plant and bought a slew of things that would help it thrive: a large pot, a wire pole to keep the stem upright, potting soil, and even an owl to keep the birds away. Once the little tomato bud started growing, I was so proud of myself—I grew a tomato! Except… it was literally just one tomato. After we plucked our single tomato from the plant and ate it, my husband joked, “That was the best-tasting $27 tomato I ever tasted!”

I tried a few more times, but again my rosemary dried up under the sun, the birds picked at the oregano to make their nests (clearly the owl wasn’t scary enough), and the bugs got to the green beans. And with the birth of my kiddo, I pretty much gave up all things gardening in lieu for more sleep.

Now I’m about to kick off spring with yet another gardening experiment. As if I hadn’t learned my lesson, here I am trying once again. This time it’s for my toddler: ideally I’d like him to see the process of vegetables growing from the ground and eventually get to eat them. Ideally. To help me along, I bought a long rectangular pot from the garden store along with potting soil, carrot seeds, a small hand shovel and a watering can. And let’s just say that this one is a bit more than the $27 tomato (I won’t even say how much). This time I’m aiming for two carrots.

And while the seeds are germinating, here are a few articles from around the web that caught my eye:

  • First up, The Huffington Post published an article The Global Search for Education: Is Your Child an Innovator? The author concludes that parents and teachers can strengthen innovation in children and young adults by “…emphasizing discovery-based play, limiting screen time, encouraging young people to find and pursue their passion, take risks and learn from mistakes, and instilling a sense of the importance of ‘giving back’…”
  • My sister posted a link to a TED talk video featuring Susan Cain: The Power of Introverts (our cousin also forwarded us an article in the The New York Times  The Rise of the New Groupthink, also by Susan Cain). Cain talks about the reasons why society promotes extroverts; schools in particular are more commonly set up in pods of desks for group learning and brainstorming. Extroverts thrive in this environment; introverts do not. Instead we should nurture introversion as well because that’s usually where our deep thought and innovative ideas come from.
  • And this last one isn’t exactly recent, but I still love Mom 101‘s post On working mothers and missed opportunities. The life of a working mom often involves trying to balance being there for the kids while battling a workforce that may not always be so supportive of working moms. She jokes (or not), “and by the way please don’t fire us for someone with more free time to work on the weekends.”

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