Sleeping Should Be Easy turns two years old!

Two years ago, I started Sleeping Should Be Easy to document my son’s milestones and daily moments as well as my thoughts on parenting. I wanted a place to write down how much he has grown, what he has accomplished, and the challenges and joys of being a mom.

I love reading through previous posts and reminiscing on what we were going through, from sleepless nights to his first words. I also like sharing what I’ve learned with others and appreciate every click and comment that the blog has received. So even though this blog is very (very) small, I’m still amazed that it has gained a trickle of readers along the way. It’s pretty awesome that others are enjoying my posts, telling others about it, and coming back for more. So, thank you so much for following along!

That said, I know I must love writing in this blog because even if my husband was the only person reading this (which wasn’t uncommon not too long ago), I would continue writing. I love sharing what my toddler is up to and everything I’m learning so far about being a mom.

So happy second birthday, blog! Here’s to many more posts ahead.


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