Valentine’s Dinner at 4:30pm?

When you’ve got to be home for bath time by 7pm, you’re better off setting that Valentine’s dinner reservation a wee bit on the early side. And that’s what we did: on the weekend, we headed to his grandma’s house so that she could watch him while we had an early dinner date at 4:30pm.

We came prepared with his snack (sweet potato) and his dinner (hard-boiled egg and strawberries while his grandma gave him soup and beans). He spent the first half hour in the backyard with his dad playing with the chickens. Once they came in, he wanted to eat, which conveniently was when we planned to leave for the restaurant. We strapped him in to the high chair, kissed him good-bye and walked out. I kept my ear open for any crying, but all I heard was him blabbing away with his grandma.

Over dinner, my husband and I were wondering how they were going to communicate with each other. Yes, he speaks well and clear, but there are phrases and words he says that we’ve accepted as normal but may come out as just the most random things to say (e.g. “How many circle lights are on?”). And considering that his grandma speaks predominantly Spanish, I was curious to see how the two would get their point across to one another.

We were gone about two hours and came back to rave reviews! His tia S came by and said he told her, “Mama and Daddy at restaurant eating chicken.” We have no idea how he came up with us eating chicken since we actually ate at a seafood restaurant, but hey, no matter!

He also told them, “Want to go to grandma’s room to change diaper,” and his tia S thanked him for letting them know that he needed a diaper change. He also apparently tried to mimic Spanish as best he could. He’d copy their phrases, and when he heard a long string of Spanish, he made up his own babble that, while it didn’t make any sense, at least sounded like it was real Spanish, complete with the accent!

He stuck closely to his grandma, so that when she sat at the dining table, he grabbed some toys and plopped down right next to her on the floor. When she eventually moved to the kitchen to wash dishes, he carried all the toys and settled himself again next to her feet.

We don’t often leave LO to be babysat, and unless it’s with tita D who watches him while we work, there’s always a little worry in me wondering how LO will behave alone with people he doesn’t see on a regular basis. And I’ve noticed that as he’s grown accustomed to people as well as grown a bit older, he’s gone from crying when we leave to being perfectly content.

Thanks LO for letting us have our Valentine’s dinner!

How did you celebrate your Valentine’s? What tips do you have for helping kids adjust to being baby-sat?


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