Our morning routine

I don’t know how we manage to get dressed, fed, and ready to leave our place in less than two hours during the week, but somehow we make it happen. I set my alarm for 6:30am and of course hit that snooze button. Usually we manage to wake up at 6:45 which means we’re having a hot breakfast of oatmeal. If we’re up at 7am, then cereal it is.

We’ll get the oatmeal simmering in the pot so that by 7am one of us goes into LO’s room and wake him up. And by “wake him up” I mean open his door because 99% of the time the little guy is already wide awake (On a side note, it’s very painful to have a toddler bouncing off the walls when all you want to do is crawl back into bed. I swear, at what age do kids start sleeping in?!). We hand him his milk and hang out in his room, turning on lights and pulling the curtains open. When the opportunity presents itself, e.g. he’s not laying flat on the floor or engrossed in some toy, we’ll change his diaper and dress him for the day.

By 7:30am we all sit down to eat. This is usually the make-or-break part of the morning. So long as we can get LO eating breakfast by this time, then we’re okay. Otherwise we’ll either be late or rushing like mad.

By 7:50am we’re usually done with breakfast, so one of us washes the dishes and cleans up while the other one takes LO to the bathroom to wash his hands and face and brush his teeth. After that, it’s our turn to get ready. All this time LO is hanging out with us in our room because we’re both in there and it’s the brightest room in the morning. Hence, our room is now permanently littered with Legos, puzzles, boxes and dominoes.

At 8:15am, we make sure that everything we need is near the front door. That means our bags, lunches, jackets, shoes, and any books we need to return to the library. And hopefully by 8:20am LO is in the mood to leave. It’s hit or miss; half the time he’s ready to put on his jacket and shoes and walk out the door. The other half, he’s crying his eyes out because he’d rather not interrupt whatever it was he was focusing on. We tell him he can bring the item and that sometimes works. Now that he can open door knobs we ask him if he can open the door for us. That usually gets him excited to leave.

My best tip to keep mornings as crazy-free as possible? Do everything the night before. That means take a shower, pick out your clothes, pack your purse, pack your lunches, wash dishes—as much as you can, do everything the night before. Because no matter how tired you are at night when you just want to crash and sleep, you will be even more tired and out of it in the morning (and more likely to forget something.


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