Playing Bejeweled Blitz on silent mode doesn’t count as quality time

A few weeks after purchasing an iPhone, someone at work asked me, “What’s the one biggest thing that you do differently on that smart phone that you couldn’t on your previous phone?”

I replied, “I can’t seem to put it down!”

I don’t really want LO too exposed to tech gadgets, and for the longest time I’ve been able to set a good example: I would only use my computer for work, we watch movies after he’s asleep, and I hardly carried my phone around. After all, how much can you really do with a flip phone other than, well… make a phone call?

Now I can’t seem to leave my iPhone alone. I use the excuse that I’m keeping it nearby so I don’t miss an important call or text, but more often than not, I’ll be sneaking a quick peek at this app and that app. What’s worse is that I try to “hide” it from LO, so I’ll just peek when he’s not looking so that he doesn’t see me using the phone too often.

I don’t want him to think that I would rather check out apps than spend time with him. Yet when I’m sneaking in that iPhone, I feel like I’m multi-tasking (is checking the weather even a task?) when I should be 100% focused on LO. And honestly I do  spend a ton of time focused on him, getting down on the floor, playing and talking with him. But after a while when you find yourself repeating the same answers to the same questions he always asks, sometimes a girl’s just gotta check email/stock prices/blogs/stats/anything else on the iPhone to keep from going bonkers.

Other than the occasional guilt of swiping the iPhone on while supposedly playing with alphabet links, I think we’ve got a good handle on tech gadget usage. We don’t lock it up outright; considering that I make a living off of computers and technology, that’s just unrealistic for our family. But as much as possible we don’t use them around him so that he knows there’s a world other than computers and phones, and that we value spending time with him more than playing Bejeweled Blitz.

How do you use and monitor tech gadgets in your home? How often do you use your phone or computer while playing with kids?


One thought on “Playing Bejeweled Blitz on silent mode doesn’t count as quality time

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