Things that make you go, “aww…”

One of the perks of parenthood is having a constant dose of cuteness—and it never gets old (well, at least for the proud parents)! So in true C&C Music Factory style, below are LO’s things that make you go, “aww…”

My little prankster
So I’m walking with LO towards the kitchen and decide to make a quick stop at the front door closet to grab a coat. Thinking that LO had walked ahead to the kitchen, I followed him but can’t seem to find him. “Hey, where are you?” I asked aloud. I checked into our breakfast nook area thinking he might be crouched behind the table, but nope—not there either. I peeked into the living room; no luck.

All of a sudden I caught movement at the end of the hall and heard stifled giggles. That’s when I noticed that LO’s bedroom door is suspiciously closed almost all the way but for a small crack—small enough for a little guy to peek out from and watch his mama search everywhere for him. I walk over there and he opens the door wide, laughing at his apparently hysterical prank on mama.

My little singer
LO has always been big on singing. He’s memorized so many lyrics that I’m amazed he even knew these obscure songs. But while he’s often sang, for instance, all the words to “Kookaburra,” he’ll do it in a way where it’s more of a recitation rather than actually pitching his voice to particular notes. Recently though I started singing to myself, “A sailor went to sea sea sea…” and he followed with, “…to see what he could see see see.” Except this time he actually sang the notes, as in he sang different pitches that matched the notes. And you could tell he was using his vocal cords. So cute!

My little learner
LO has this toy drum that for each time you press the top, a letter of the alphabet shows up. The letters are all lower case, but if you were to wait three seconds, the upper case version of that letter will show up. So for instance, you press it once, and “a” will show up, but if you wait three seconds, “A” will show up as well. If you press the drum before those three seconds are up, it goes to the next lower case letter; in this case, “b.”

Wow that’s a lot of explaining for a kid’s toy! Anyway, sometimes LO will notice that the lower case letter turned to upper case, but he has no idea why. Plus he wants to look for particular upper case letters, usually the letter “Y.” Even though we tried explaining how to do it to him (“Just keep pressing the drum until you get to the lower case ‘y’ then wait three seconds then the upper case ‘Y’ will show up!” Yeah… real clear there), he understandably couldn’t figure it out.

Recently I took his finger in my hand and we kept pressing the drum until we reached “y.” And just as he was about to press it again, I held his finger back and voilá—upper case “Y” showed up. Something about physically holding his hand back made something click in his head, so now he understands the workings of this drum. He’ll find all the upper case letters now and say, “There’s upper case ‘G’!” I always thought that the drum was a bit odd, but for our purposes it taught LO a little bit about delayed gratification.


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