End of the sippy cup? Not yet.

LO loves sippy cups so much that when we present him with a regular cup, he more often than not still asks for the sippy cup. This morning we tried associating the regular cups with his milk. So instead of handing him a sippy cup of milk when he wakes up, I changed his diapers and plopped him straight to his high chair to eat breakfast and drink milk from the cup. He whined while I was changing his diaper, asking for his milk, but once he sat down on the table, he really liked drinking milk from the cup.

But then a few minutes into breakfast, he asks for more milk. And not in the regular cup… in the sippy cup. So we ended up giving a sippy cup of milk anyway.

I thought it over more and realized that sippy cups are basically our equivalent of water bottles, thermoses and portable coffee mugs. So we’ll now apply the same to LO. Whenever he’s at the table, we’ll offer the regular cup. But if it’s anywhere else in the house or when we’re out, he’ll use the sippy cup. So that means we’re keeping the sippy cup for his milk when we’re in his room, but will offer regular cups at the dining table. This doesn’t always work as he still prefers the sippy cup sometimes at the dining table, but at least we can continue offering the regular cup to him.


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