Two parks and the library

What a wonderful Saturday we had. In the morning, I was supposed to go to a mom meet up event at a park that was further from us. I figured that the exposure to other kids would be good for him. Unfortunately I couldn’t find this group at all; the park was huge and I didn’t know any of the other moms. That said, we still had a good time because there were plenty of kids to interact with at the playground. LO liked walking back and forth across the bridge, going down the slides and climbing up and down the steps. He was a lot more active, perhaps from seeing all the kids.

We went home and had lunch, played at home and then he took a long nap (hour and 35 minutes). After he woke up, we had a snack of toast with butter and Asian pear, then went to the library to pick up some books. He played in the children’s area and then afterwards we took him to a local park that really had nothing but a wide expanse of grass and trees. Of course he takes off running right away. He ran for about half an hour before we went home for dinner.

Today he and his dad were cracking each other up by saying, “Viva!” and raising up their arms. And as usual, every time LO laughs too hard, he starts getting hiccups—I guess those hiccups he had in utero are still around even now!


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