Knick knacks at the park

While our park may not have the biggest or most up-to-date playground facilities, it boasts of huge grassy lawns, tons of trees and little knick knacks that LO likes to play with. Today we played his usual game of “Let’s find baby pine cones.” He collects them at the base of one of the trees, and every time we go back, all of his stash is still there.

He also likes looking for dandelions—both the seeds and the flowers—as well as acorns. We put both of these at the roots of a huge tree.

And of course he ran across and around the grass. Since the playground isn’t too crowded, the park tends to stay quiet and low-key. We see the regular kids but we’re all from the neighborhood so there aren’t too many. It’s a nice alternative for when we just want to kick back and enjoy the outdoors.


One thought on “Knick knacks at the park

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