On a Sunday afternoon

Where one day was very difficult, another comes along that couldn’t be more perfect. We didn’t do anything out of the ordinary today—just went to the farmers market and to the park—but we were all happy.

I love that we have a beautiful park across the street. We first played in the sand, where LO would scoop some up and pour them into the holes on the playground. Then we walked to the pine trees and played our game of “Let’s look for baby pine cones.” After that, we ran across the grass because LO loves running fast! Then we slowed down and sat on the grass while LO was picking flowers from the grass. We ended our trip by watching the birds in the sky because there was about 50 of them flying in a massive group.

My husband said his favorite part of the day was playing Play-Doh with LO. LO is really into mixing up the colors of his Play-Doh and mashing them back into the cups. They spent practically an hour straight just playing that.

My favorite part of the day? It was near bath time and so I said to LO, “Come over here so I can take off your shirt!” And he replied, “Hug first!” before running over to me and giving me a squeeze. Love love love.


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