To potty train or not?

Since LO tends to poop after each meal, I had him sit on his potty after dinner to try and go in there instead of in his diaper. He actually complied! This is the first time that he even sat on the potty with his diaper off. He sat there for about 25 minutes—quite a long time! But once it started getting close to bath time, I put his diaper back on.

And what happens five minutes after his diaper is on? He tells me, “Mama, go to living room.” So I go, and I hear him in the hallway grunting. When he runs back to me, I check his diaper and it had poop!

Baby steps, baby steps. At least he sat in the potty with his clothes off. I may try it again where he’s sitting in it closer to bath time if that’s when he tends to poop.

He also doesn’t wake up with a dry diaper. I’ve read that that’s a big sign that they’re ready because they know the concept of holding in their pee.

He does say that he has caca, and he is predictable. Other than that though, he hasn’t really been too inclined to poop in a potty just yet.


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