More family entertainment this past weekend

In the midst of very stressful work days, this past three-day weekend could not come in more deservedly. We had so much fun going on outings and just not having any agenda other than to be out as a family and relax at home. In addition to climbing Baldwin Hills and eating at Cafe Brazil, we visited the California Science Center and the Autry National Center.

Science Center
The Science Center is LO’s dream come true: the museum featured several hands-on and interactive exhibits that he loved manipulating. He played with light, with jet propellers, etc etc. He loved the activities so much that it took a while to convince him to check out another one. I think it’s great though that instead of just jumping from one corner to the next, he focuses on the activity at hand.

There were so many kids to contend with, and at one point we could tell that this older kid about six or seven had upset him. LO had stacked several boxes on top of each other only to see the kid kick the tower down. And trust me, this kid wasn’t kicking or knocking down for curiosity’s sake; he was clearly upset and tearing down everyone’s creations. LO had a huge frown on his face and had to stifle a yell. I reached out to him because I wanted to talk about it, but he went further in to the “house” and moved on to something else.

He was all energy until he mellowed down in the tree house room where he played with a matching game. There were hardly any kids, and we got to sit on our own work table. We stayed there until it was time to leave, and LO didn’t want to let go of the matching game. We had to take it away from him and at that point, he gave two whimpers… and one LOUD cry that of course made the whole museum turn toward him. Oh, LO…

Autry National Center
The Gene Autry western museum wasn’t as interactive as the Science Center, but thankfully it was empty so LO was able to run around as needed. There was a play room with a basket of pretend food that he loved playing with. It made me think that we should get him play fruits and veggies to pretend with.

He also mesmerized the waterfall they had outside, and liked the exhibit about Native American basketry. And when I say he liked them, I mean he did not want to leave! It took a few tries before he finally got his fill and we were able to move on.

We haven’t gone to outings in a while, what with the holidays taking up so much time. We’d like to visit a few more, including going to a running track, riding a train at Griffith Park, and the Zimmer Museum.


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