Another great day… and another tantrum

Baldwin Hills
Today started off with quite an adventurous feat: climb to the top of Baldwin Hills. I wasn’t expecting us to reach the top and in fact set it in my mind that we would probably have to go back down midway through. But LO was such a trooper: he wanted to keep going, “higher!” He would point out gopher holes and the long grass. As the hills got steeper and steeper, I kept asking him if he wanted to stop, but no, he kept wanting to go higher. When the trail started to be too steep even for us adults, my husband carried LO up (talk about exercise—hiking while carrying a 35-pound kid!) but for most of the hike, LO walked it himself!

We reached the top and he said, “You did it!” We went inside the little museum they have and examined the native plants and animals as well as the city’s history. He liked spinning the wheels and pushing the buttons.

Then on the way down, we decided to take the road instead, which would be smoother and less steep. LO practically ran the whole way down. I had to hold his arm with both hands because boy if he slipped he would have a major skid. And he ran fast—I had to run pretty fast to keep up with him, and going downhill only made us go faster.

Cafe Brazil
We went home to recharge, then off we went to Cafe Brazil. This is my kind of restaurant: you pay up front so no need to wait for the check, you get your food after a few minutes, not too crowded, and plenty of things for LO to look at. He liked eating the chicken especially, but also ate the salmon, black beans, plantains and rice. He wasn’t too fond of the lentil soup though.

LO even took a nap today! It’s a hit or miss with naps with us at home; there’s no pattern—he either takes one or doesn’t. He did, and he woke up fine with no crying. Later in the day we went to the mall to run some errands and he played with the coin-operated vehicles they had (Although we didn’t put in any coins. He has fun just pressing the buttons and getting inside the cars!).

So imagine our surprise when after dinner he threw another tantrum. This one took a bit longer to calm him down. I would think that he was calming down, only for him to continue being upset. He eventually calmed down and the rest of the evening ended up fairly normal.


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