The official end of the holidays

Every year, my dad visits us from the Philippines for the holidays. With all the happenings during the holidays, compounded with his visit, his departure today marks the official end of the holidays for our family. Yet despite his three-week visit, he only got to see LO four times. The stomach flu fiasco prevented him from seeing LO once at my aunt’s, he also took a trip for four days up north, and the rest is due to the unfortunate long distance between myself and my sister’s house, where he was staying. My other siblings got to see him almost every day because they all live five or ten minutes away from each other, whereas I’m blocked by a ridiculous commute, especially on weekdays.

One of the days my dad really got to spend with LO wasn’t even a “big event.” There was no reason to get together; I just decided to take LO there to visit. And with less people to contend with, he and LO really got to spend more time with each other—reading, carrying, laughing. It’s so important to me that LO gets to know his grandparents. Not to be morbid, but we’re all getting old, and LO being so young, I want him exposed to his grandparents as much as possible. My husband’s dad already passed away several years ago, and his niece and nephews ask about him. With no physical grandfather there, they have to rely on the others to fill in the blanks.

LO will likely ask about his paternal grandfather too. As for the other three, he is still lucky that he has them to carry him and laugh with him. Just as he will only have one mom and dad, he will only have four grandparents ever, and that’s a special relationship that I want him to have with them. I wish we could see my dad more often, but for now we rely on those few weeks of vacation that he generously and thankfully takes every year.


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