Stomach flu day two

I took the day off today so that both of us could help LO out with his stomach flu. I’m happy to report that he slept through the night. The doctor recommended that we wake him up in the middle of the night to replenish him with more Pedialyte, but even though I was touching him and talking to him, he wouldn’t wake up at midnight. So we just let him sleep through it.

Not only did he sleep the whole time, he actually even slept longer than he usually does. Normally by 6:10am or so he’s already up and playing in his room. Today, he was conked out and so silent that I had to check in on him at 6:40am to make sure he was okay. He was still sound asleep, and only at 7am, when I walked in again, did he wake up.

We weren’t supposed to give him solids until noon (24 hours since his first vomit) so we gave him more Pedialyte, apple juice, and water. We tried giving broth but in hindsight I should have listened to my husband who suggested giving it to him with a spoon. Sorry, babe! 😉

He woke up happy and smiling; so different from how he fell asleep, which was cranky and weak. We continued sanitizing our place, we washed our hands often, and we made it a point not to put our hands on our eyes, nose or mouth. Since stomach flu is ridiculously contagious, the last thing we need is for one or both of us to have it.

The first solids we gave him was sweet potato soup, crackers and pretzel balls. He had another liquid-y poop but my guess is that it’s because of the liquid diet he’s been on. Hopefully once his lunch digests, he’ll poop out more solids. Thankfully this whole morning he hasn’t vomited or had major diarrhea.

He’s still contagious up to ten days, so we still have to be diligent about sanitizing. I’m supposed to have my family over tomorrow for my birthday so we’ll see how that goes!

Edit: I forgot to add that when LO was sipping his Pedialyte, he took his sippy cup and gave it to Lovey and said, “Lovey, get better.” Aww, he was so cute. It was like he was being the parent helping his Lovey get better.


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