Stomach flu is a two-parent challenge

LO has the stomach flu. Other than a slower appetite, he seemed fine in the morning. We even went to the lagoon to play on the playground and had our snack at a coffee shop. But when we got home, he had a major vomit, as in the chunky kind and it just comes pouring out of his mouth. He also had diarrhea after. He didn’t cry or fuss though.

Later in the afternoon after his nap, he vomited three more times and had several poops, thankfully not diarrhea. But he started to get fussy and scared. We told him that pooping and vomiting is good because it gets the bad stuff out. We also told him that the medicine and juice will help him. His remedy ended up being a prescription that the doctor called in to the pharmacy. It was a pill that dissolves in his mouth and should stop the vomiting for the next eight hours. Pedialyte and other clear liquids such as broth, juice and of course water are his only foods right now. We also have to give them to him in sips, not just taking long gulps of it, to mimic the drips of an IV. Anything faster than a sip here and there will make him vomit. Solids and non-clear liquids like milk will also make him vomit or poop. We have to wake him up in the middle of the night to give him more Pedialyte in case he pooped and needs to be re-hydrated and nourished. By noon tomorrow he can start eating solids again.

With one parent comforting and keeping LO company, the other one is cleaning, dis-infecting and doing laundry. This is definitely a two-parent job!


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