Settling in

Whenever LO cried in the middle of the night, we were always hesitant to check in because what usually ensued was even more crying and zero chances of going back to sleep. So I’ve been so pleased the past few weeks that whenever LO cried as if he were afraid, I was able to go in there and help him back to bed. I would put his blankets and stuffed toys on him, kiss him and tell him that I’ll come get him at 7 when it was time to wake up. And he doesn’t go stir-crazy! He usually doesn’t actually go back to sleep anymore; instead, he’ll stay awake in bed, or walk around his room and play. But at least he’s not crying hysterically for us at the door like how he used to.

He still has his cries where we wait a while before going in. It’s more like cries of complaint. But I do go in when he’s crying as if he’s afraid, and I’m glad to know that my going in (or rather, my leaving the room afterward) won’t cause him any more tears.


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