Christmas is on!

We don’t start celebrating Christmas until two weeks before the big day, so that meant Sunday we were able to get our tree and start decorating! Now that we’re in our new place, we can buy a larger tree as opposed to the smaller ones we’ve bought in the past. The colors are red and gold with gold garland and white lights throughout the tree.

I’m surprised at how unsafe Christmas trees can be for little toddlers! We had to tell LO that we don’t touch the lights or the ornaments. I was afraid he was going to smash either one and hurt himself. I was also worried he was going to get so excited about the tree that he’d want to yank it down; thankfully he didn’t do any pulling.

We also strung up lights on our counters, and when it’s nighttime with just a few lights on, our place looks really nice and cozy!

Next up this week: we’re going to give away bags of chocolates to the neighbors we know in our building. Last week, LO helped fill in goodie bags so we’re going to give those away. I also want to save some for the groundskeepers, the manager and the mailman that LO sees frequently and who are so kind to him.


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