You know your bedtime routine

Dear LO,

Yesterday you did the cutest thing. You found your lotion that we put on you after you’re dried up from your bath. You touched your little fingers to the top of the lotion bottle and pretended to put lotion on your face and tummy! A few moments later, you found the diaper cream. I asked you, “What’s that for?” You put your hands on the jar and afterward patted your diaper!

The other night we forgot to give you Lovey when you fell asleep. I saw her on the couch after I closed the door. We thought you would be fine without her, but after about ten minutes, you realized you didn’t have her with you and started to cry and cry for her! I rushed in there and handed you Lovey, then said “Good night” and “I love you.” I was afraid you would cry some more when I left the room, but you just said, “Close the door,” turned over and fell back asleep!

Earlier I think you were asking for Cranko too (although your dad thinks you were saying, “Play-Doh”). I waited a few moments before going in but by the time I opened the door, you were already settling yourself back in bed. When I walked in at 7am, the first thing you asked me was, “Where’s Cranko?” Yesterday I put him on your potty so he wasn’t sitting in his usual spot with the other stuffed animals. I never even knew that you paid attention to that kind of detail!

Hopefully you’ll be okay tonight but gosh you sure do have a lot of bedtime buddies you need nearby to sleep! There’s Lovey and Cranko, then monkey blanket, circle blanket, Lion, Bunny, Big Funshine and Little Funshine. I’ll make sure that all of your friends are with you in your room each night.



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