Like learning a new language

Whenever LO mispronounces words, I’m reminded of the times when I was taking Spanish classes, or when my husband asks me how something is said in Tagalog and repeats it. Usually those initial phrases are jumbled up and only through repetition and listening again do we get it. The same applies to LO. While his mispronounced words are sure to make me smile and think, “How cute!” I make it a point 1) not to laugh about it, and 2) not to make a big deal about correcting it.

That said, I can’t deny that I think it’s absolutely adorable when LO says:

  1. “To going Lola’s house.” instead of “Going to Lola’s house.”
  2. “Where’s the merote?” when asking where the remote control is to the AC.
  3. “Gazobe… gabeezo… gazebo…” when trying to say the word “gazebo.”
  4. “Spike” instead of “Skype.”

It’s easy to talk down to toddlers when they’re learning a language that you have been exposed to for at least three decades, or to laugh at their mistakes, however innocent or well-intentioned. But when you realize how many words they’re up against and how much they practice and enjoy learning, it’s more than admirable—it’s language-learning at its best.


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