Weekend recap

On Saturday morning, we visited LO’s grandma right after breakfast. The first thing LO did was play with “Grandma’s toys,” which is basically his cousin S’s toys when he stays there over. He pored over the basketful of toys, trying to figure out how each one worked.

Later, we picked guavas from the two trees out front. We thought we’d only need one pot to hold all the fruits; we ended up needing two pots and a cardboard box to hold all of them! LO would sort through the pots and pick off the dried ends of the guavas. Or he would gather the un-ripe ones that accidentally fell and place them near the tree trunk.

Then it was snack time. Here’s what he had:

  • sweet potato
  • guava
  • hard-boiled egg from the chickens in the backyard
  • frijoles
  • banana

Yeah… a full tummy indeed.

After snack time, he watched the water dripping down from his grandma’s stone-filter. After all his talk about dripping agua, this definitely got him curious. Then, we opened up the piano and let him play on the keys. I would play very simplified nursery rhymes that he liked, such as Pop Goes the Weasel and Twinkle Twinkle.

In the afternoon, LO and his dad got some much-needed alone time (and I got my alone time too!). I ran errands and even got my nails done! The two of them played at the park and on the patio until I got home.

Sunday morning
Sunday was rainy, so while I attended to our groceries, LO and his dad were again alone at home. But once I got home, we all went to the online indoor place we knew where we wouldn’t have to deal with rain: the mall. We bought him some clothes, including a thick jacket that he desperately needed (cotton hoodies just weren’t cutting it anymore).

Sunday afternoon
After his nap, we visited my friend and coworker S at her place so that her son D and LO could play together. D is about six months younger than LO but they did a lot of parallel play. The only scuffle was when LO was playing with D’s karaoke toy and D wanted it. Oh, and when D had a lion toy and LO wanted it. But throughout the night, no major tears. It’s always interesting to see how kids deal with their social conflicts, especially for LO who hardly gets interaction with young kids.


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