Pockets, bits and holes

Dear LO,

Today you were so cute in the morning because you put your hand in your jacket pocket again all the way down to the garage. I love when you do little cute things like that that just makes me smile.

You’ve been playing a very messy game daddy and I like to call “bits.” You basically take a ball of Play-Doh, ask me to shape it into a pumpkin (which is really a ball with a “stem” on it) and then proceed to pick apart the stem into bits. Your dad solved the mess problem by telling you to put the bits into a roasting pan, so now we have a bunch of little bits of Play-Doh scattered in there.

You also have favorite songs these days, particularly “Pop Goes the Weasel” (which you like to change to “Pop Goes the (your name)”), “B-I-N-G-O,” “Baa Baa Black Sheep,” the Ants song (“hoorah, hoorah”) and so many more. You often say, “Pop Goes the Weasel song come up” meaning, Maybe it’ll come up on the radio.

We played at the park yesterday. I finally convinced you not to play at the blue water fountain and the green water fountain because doing so gets your sleeves all wet. Thankfully you agreed, so we ended up walking along the grass and the sand in the volleyball court. You also played a little bit at the playground but only to look at the holes on the slide. Later we ran on the grass some more before you finally stopped near the tall plants. You commented how many holes there were on the leaves, and I told you that it was the caterpillar that ate through that, just like your book “The Very Hungry Caterpillar.” You stayed there for quite some time, tearing apart the leaves, touching the flowers and learning how to break sticks in half. We wouldn’t have left except that you had poop in your diaper.

Holes… you’re so into holes. You like to count the holes in your toddler bed (“How many holes do you see on the other side?” you’ll ask me. “Tres,” I’ll respond). And every time we see a hole, you say very poet-like, “Rain… agua goes down the pipe.” Regardless of whether it’s really a pipe or not. We told you at one point that when it rains, water goes down the pipe. Well, you have really taken to that mantra, repeating it whenever you see any hole!

Today I had you practice scooping your own food. Apparently other two-year-olds are eating with forks and spoons all by themselves, so it’s a good sign that you can probably do it too, if not now then soon. Yogurt and raspberries were a little harder to scoop, but this time, instead of scooping it myself and just handing you your spoon, I had you hold your spoon the whole time and guide you to scoop it up. Sometimes you were able to scoop something all on your own, too.

You know, I’m trying to be on the same diet as you. I’m amazed at how healthy you eat—you’re a better eater than me! You eat oatmeal without sugar while I scoop two teaspoons into mine, you eat yogurt and fruit while I still can’t eat yogurt other than Yoplait, and you don’t eat any processed food, even Cheerios! I still wonder if it was a good choice to let you have a small slice of the pumpkin pie I baked, because since then you have asked me for pumpkin pie oh, about five times already! Thankfully we really don’t have pumpkin pie so I couldn’t give you any either way. I can’t imagine how crazy your taste buds will go once you taste chocolate or other sweets.

I’ll write more.



2 thoughts on “Pockets, bits and holes

  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog mummumstheword.wordpress and liking my latest post Caleb the Explorer, Bear-Hugger and Hair Tugger.

    I dropped by to say hi and found this lovely category where you are writing to LO. It’s such a wonderful way to capture memories of your little one. I’ve tried a few times but never got far. But I’m am now inspired to at least record little notes to Caleb before attempting big letter-writing.

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