Staying at Lola’s

My husband and I got a nice break today because we dropped LO off at my mom’s. He  cried when we left which was awful to see, but apparently he cheered up quickly. We were able to go to a coffee shop and take a walk around the neighborhood. When we got back to my mom’s, he was playing in one of my niece’s rooms and seemed to be enjoying himself. They also went for a walk, he had his lunch and was playing with their toys.

I was surprised that he was in a good mood considering that he didn’t nap and that he cried for a long time. But throughout the rest of the evening, he was so happy. My mom fed him and he would play with my brother and sister L. They were impressed that he could recite the Tagalog alphabet haha! I never even intentionally set out to teach it to him; when we brush his teeth, I sing the English alphabet while I’m brushing, then switch to singing the Tagalog alphabet when it’s his turn. Then a few days ago, he just busted out the Tagalog alphabet perfectly without me even asking or helping him to sing it!

I’m glad he’s comfortable hanging out with my mom so that we can leave him there and hang out more alone. An hour or two without having to worry about him is precious!


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