At the cemetery and birthday party

Yesterday LO and I went to visit his grandpa who was interred at the cemetery that happens to be just two minutes away from us. After we visited the site, we walked all over the cemetery because I was hoping to tire him out. We climbed hills and eventually reached the top of one and sat down under the shade of a tree. I loved sitting there with him. He stayed nearby, sometimes walking around, collecting leaves and putting them in the holes. Later his grandma and tia S arrived and we all eventually went to our place to have pumpkin bread and tea. LO loved playing with them.

He took a long nap of 1.5 hours—I guess all those hill-climbing paid off. He woke up sort of grumpy which was unfortunate because we were headed soon to his friend’s birthday party. Our neighbor little L was turning two so we walked to their place and had some food and cake. We gave him play doh which everyone, especially the adults, liked playing with. LO was playing with the play doh, some trucks, the balloons. I’m glad he had a chance to socialize with other kids.


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