Trick or treat!

LO was dressed as a skeleton for this year’s Halloween. Last night we did an impromptu trick-or-treat outing, and I’m glad we did. Even though LO doesn’t eat candy, trick-or-treating was still fun since he got to experience the holiday.

We started off at one of our neighbor’s doors. She posted a trick-or-treat sign in the elevator and we went there. She was an older lady and seemed genuinely delighted that an actual kid in costume came by to trick-or-treat. I’m so glad LO made her happy, and I also like the idea of posting a sign announcing that you have candy. I might just do that next year even though there are hardly any kids in our building.

We then drove to the nearest block of houses and went up and down the road. Some houses were dark, others were lit; we only went to the ones that had pumpkins or other Halloween decorations. There were quite a few houses that went all out, and one lady even came out to greet us dressed as a scary witch. LO got scared and ran away! He didn’t actually cry; I think he was more wary of who this lady was and rightfully didn’t trust his gut to go to her.

Overall we ended up with a small stash of candy that LO carried in his bucket. We went home, I had one candy, and set aside the rest to give to my aunt. Hopefully this will have started a fun tradition of trick-or-treating with LO!


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