Alone time with daddy

Last week, LO was particularly extra-attached to me even when his daddy was around. One strategy we’re doing to alleviate that is for LO to have alone time with his dad. It wasn’t enough that I was off somewhere in the house or out of view; LO would still seek me out. So now we are planning at least three times a week of daddy and LO alone time. I figure three times is good because when I was working part-time and coming in to the office at 7am, it was daddy who got LO up and ready for the day. They were alone with each other, and LO seemed attached. Now that I’m home in the mornings, I’ll have to find ways to leave in the evenings or weekends so that they can still have their alone time. It’ll also give me a nice break!

Last week, I 1) had a facial, 2) ran some errands at the mall, and 3) was home Saturday morning while LO and daddy visited grandma. This week I plan to do similar errands: Costco, Babies R Us, etc.


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