Second birthday party

Other than LO having mood swings between clingy and happy, his birthday party went really well! We had it at our local park across the street, and that made setting up so much easier. I also kept things much simpler than last year. The area we reserved was spacious and allowed plenty of roaming around. We also brought beach balls so that everyone could play and make use of the crazy amount of grassy space we had around us.

LO pretty much woke up in a bad mood, hence the moodiness during his party. He also didn’t sleep well and was so tired during his party. He kept saying that he wanted to go home after a while! But then later on he was laughing and kicking the balls, or chasing the balloons, or pressing the water fountains at the park.

We served chicken from Honey’s Kettle Chicken which everyone loved. Cake was from Porto’s as usual, and we had Farmers Market popcorn for snacks. Even though I was so tired, the whole party just seemed more relaxed and easy to pull off.


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