Slept in toddler bed with no crying, plus dinner party

I’m so proud of LO. Last night, not only did he not cry when I left the room, but he slept through the whole night without crying. My husband went into his room at 7am and got him up. I’m hoping that he is now back to his old pattern of sleeping well and resting in his bed.

In other news, I invited my friend S from work who has a boy that’s six months younger than LO. They actually did get along pretty well, and even made up their own game of passing a “toy” (LO’s number two candle for his birthday, still in the packaging) back and forth to each other. We had dinner together, and it’s just nice when the focus is on the friendships of the family and not so much just a play date between the two kids. This way, LO shares an experience with his whole family and other families.

Both boys started to get tired towards the end of the night though. At one point I took LO to his room because he was starting to get upset, so I figured he needed alone time to decompress and get away from the madness. After all, this is the first time he’s meeting these people, and there’s a baby to top it off. He was fine in his room, but then baby D wanted to get in the mix and join LO in his room. LO rudely said, “Get out!” I probably should have acknowledged his frustration and told him that a kinder way to say it was better, but even I forgot to school him. Thankfully baby D “got out”—the poor thing—and LO calmed down.

Hopefully we’ll get together again soon, and hopefully with other families too. These are the sort of events that I want LO to grow up with: dinners around the table with family and friends.


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