Pumpkin patch

We visited our local pumpkin patch today. They had a haystack maze, a petting zoo, a train ride, and of course, hundreds of pumpkins. And LO partook of all of those features. He really liked the petting zoo, especially the little black goats that he seemed to remember petting from another fiesta. He also got to pet bunnies, which was awesome because so many of his books are about bunnies, and he has a stuffed animal bunny.

We rode on the train and he was interested in riding it but was pretty calm the whole time; not so much squealing or laughing there. But when we walked through the pumpkin patch, he loved patting the big pumpkins and saying, “so big!” He would also gather hay and hide the smaller pumpkins under them. Or he would try to roll the huge pumpkins.

We bought a smallish pumpkin. We’ll do our best to carve something close to Halloween. What I really wanted to do with the pumpkin was to make pumpkin pie with fresh filling. I’ve always had to use canned pumpkin before, and now I can use real filling.


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