Sleeping in toddler bed update

LO has gotten better about sleeping in his toddler bed. We’ve modified our routine so that after his bath, we’ll dress him on his blanket on the floor, then have him climb up into his bed. We tuck him in, and my husband reads him his four books there. Then we just wave to parts of his room saying, “Good night plant… good night closet…” Then my husband turns off the light and I sing him his songs. He still cries when I leave and will even get out of his bed and go to the door. But this only lasts I would say two or three minutes, and then he finds his way back to his bed and sleeps for most of the night.

I say most of the night because he has woken up at least once every night so far. Last night, it was at 3am. He sort of wakes up and does a five-second cry before falling asleep again. And every morning, he has woken up around 6:30 and sort of just stands by the door, sometimes fiddling with the knob, sometimes flipping through a book. Yesterday he was so cute because after he fiddled with the door, he grabbed a book and his stuffed toy, climbed back into bed and was reading in bed! Just like Mama and Daddy.

I’m hoping he’ll eventually get to the point where he doesn’t cry when we say good night, doesn’t cry in the middle of the night, and sleeps in his bed until 7 or 7:30 again.


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