Moving to a toddler bed

Our lives are about to change. No longer can we rely on the crib for when LO goes to sleep. He has climbed out of his crib four times now, and each time I just thank my lucky stars that nothing happened. We need to convert his crib to a toddler bed with a railing tonight.

Some time during the night (I prefer not to know), LO cried and all of a sudden we heard a thud. I ran in the room, and I comforted him and set him down on his pillow on the floor and lay down next to him. It took him forever to even settle down and fall asleep (or so I thought). Just when I thought it was safe to get up and leave, he would wake up, stand up and look for me. I called him back and had to re-do the whole scenario. This happened a second time, where he was starting to fall asleep but must not have been in deep sleep, because next thing I know he’s waking up again.

So basically both of us hardly got any sleep last night.

Unfortunately I took it out on him. I was rude to him in the morning. We were already running late. I was so tired. I even yelled, “Why can’t you sleep?” Any attempts by my husband to soothe him didn’t do much because LO wanted me, and wanted me to pick him up. It’s like he’s combining all his phases into one monstrous experience.

I just needed to drop him off to my aunt as soon as possible. The more time away from him the better for my sanity at this point. I felt bad that I unloaded a cantankerous kid on her.

Sleep-training, toddler-style

So tonight I’m going to remove the crib railing an install the toddler bed railing on his bed. This will give him a chance to have protection on one side but still be able to get out of the bed. This also means that we will be sleep-training him tonight, toddler-style.

I’m scared of what to expect. Sleep-training him as a toddler is different than doing so for an infant. For one, you can close the door and have at least a five minute break. This time around, we’re supposed to lay him down in his bed and hope that he stays there. If he doesn’t, we have to leave the door open so that he can leave his room. Apparently closed doors will make them more frightful and feel like they’re locked in their room. So that means that if he leaves his room, we have to walk him back to his bed and repeat the process. And this book I read, Sleep Easy Solution, said that this can take fifty times. Fifty freakin’ times!

This also means that we have to be extra quiet once he is in his bed. Cooking will be a problem because his room is just down the hall from the kitchen. I guess he’ll have to get used to the kitchen noises eventually, but this seriously sucks. This also means that he will likely wake up in the middle of the night, freak out that he’s not in his crib, get out of bed and leave his room. When that happens, we basically have to walk him back to his room and repeat the process. So long, eight-hour sleep. Sniff, sniff.

I wonder if other parents get frustrated like this too. I feel like asking, “When does this gt better?” I know it’s probably a lot easier than when he was younger, but sheesh, just when one thing gets resolved, another thing pops up, just to remind you that your parenting job is freakin’ hard, and never ending!

Who knows—maybe LO will settle right into his toddler bed like he had been doing with his crib for zillions of months, and sleep the twelve hours he’s been doing since forever. Something tells me though that tonight will be a rough night. Wish us luck!


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