Up, up and away

So he had his “I want Mama only” phase. Then he had his “I’m freaking out about the bath” phase. Now it’s the “up” phase, where when he’s frustrated, he raises his arms and wants to be carried. As much as possible, we try not to accommodate him too much because usually he’s asking rudely. So we’ll say, “Up, please.” Then he’ll repeat, but in saying “please” his tone changes to a kinder one.

It really sucks too when I’m carrying loads of bags and he wants to be carried. I explain to him that the bag is heavy and that I’ll carry him when we’re inside our apartment. I’ve also done a trick where I’ll carry him up but not move, just have him up in my arms. Eventually he sees things from our view, gets bored, then asks to come down.

Since he’s been asking to be carried, I’ve reverted to using the stroller more often when we take our walks around the block. He seems fine in the stroller, thankfully.

I know eventually he will grow to the size where not only can I not carry him, but he won’t want to be carried either. So I definitely try to treasure them. It’s just when he asks rudely is when we don’t accommodate his requests. But when he asks nicely, even if he’s testing us, I’ll go ahead and pick him up. He’s just so darn heavy!


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