The cute things he does that I want to remember

His call and response using his stuffed animals’ names. He’ll say “Lov…” to which he expects us to respond, “…vey!” This goes for all his toys: “Fun…shine!” “Cran…ko!” “Bun…ny!” “El…mo!”

Our house. When we say this is our house, he’ll say, “Mama’s house… Daddy’s house… LO’s houuuuuusseee.” And when he’s feeling like the masta’ that he is, he’ll say, “LO’s house… LO’s house… LO’s houuuuusseee.” (Substitute LO with his name)

Beyonce and the banana. I can’t believe he still does this little bit, because we started this way back and he still remembers it. You know that song by Beyonce “Crazy In Love” where she goes, “uh oh uh oh uh oh oh na na.” Well, whenever LO sees a banana, he’ll go, “uh oh uh oh uh oh… banana.”

Daddy, Mama, Baby. Whenever he sees similar things that are different in size—like a big rock, medium rock and small rock—he’ll say “Daddy rock, Mama rock, baby rock.”


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