When stressful work and a toddler tantrum collide

Two less-than-pleasant things happened today: a stressful work assignment, and a tantruming toddler. Thank goodness they didn’t happen at the same time. I don’t know what I would do if that were the case.

In the morning, I was about to take my toddler out of the house, and he was so excited about going. I told him, “Let’s go; let me just check my computer.” It was then that I had to do an emergency assignment. Poor LO; he was so excited, and I had to ask him to wait. It took a long time too, but he waited and played with his toys so patiently for half an hour at least. I am so glad and thankful that he was accommodating.

But then…

In the afternoon, he went into a crazy tantrum. Several factors must have played into it. First, he slept a long time; one hour and 45 minutes, which can sometimes make him cranky. Secondly, I woke him up. I was just going to peek in, but in me opening the door, he woke up. Of course I forget to bring his milk, so I close the door and run back out, and by that time, he’s already crying. Third, I didn’t read books like I normally do when he wakes up. And lastly, my friend J and her husband D visited us from Seattle, so my toddler had other strangers to deal with too.

This was by far the longest and strongest tantrum my toddler had. I don’t even know where the time went; J and D were here one minute and then they were gone, and LO was still throwing a tantrum. He was inconsolable. Anything we did, he wanted the opposite. J did a good job of calming him down a bit by playing with his toys, which caught his attention. But in the end, he was just too much. I felt so bad because J is one of my closest friends and I hardly ever get to see her, and I wish that LO was in a better mood so that they can see how he really is.

Even after they left, it still took a few minutes before he finally snapped out of it. But once he did, he was in a completely different mood—totally cheerful and as if none of the crying ever happened. Eeks I hope J and D didn’t get deterred about kids!

But because I try to see the positive in things, here are the good things that transpired:

  • I got to see my friends
  • my toddler was patient in the morning
  • I was able to hear a good song driving at night
  • I was able to go on an outing with LO
  • The rest of the workday was pretty chill
  • My husband came home early today
  • We ate an awesome caprese sandwich
  • LO slept for an hour and 45 minutes

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