Bath time technique one: day two

Still unsuccessful.

This time it was me who got in the tub with LO, and he still ended up crying his eyes out and trembling. I went on the mommy boards to see what other moms have done, and thankfully I am not the only one who has gone through this. Most of the moms advocate for taking a bath with the kid, and that it takes a week for them to get over it. After getting in the tub this time around, I’m finding it hard to repeat it, since I have to get into my swimsuit, then remove my swimsuit after the bath—such a hassle.

Other ideas is to introduce new toys to distract him. I’m not sure if this will work because LO is already freaking out before entering the tub. one distraction that may work is to let the water run or even drip because he seems to notice that. Another idea is to raise the temperature a bit. I’ve noticed that LO’s bottom lip quivers, probably more so because he’s crying but it could well be because the water isn’t warm enough for him. Maybe we can try both of those things tomorrow. My husband also had an idea of bringing his tub outside in the living room and see if LO will play with it and not be afraid of it.

It looks like LO is afraid of being wet. If we even get his arm wet, he’s saying “dry! dry!” because he wants us to wipe it off right away.

My husband doesn’t want to bathe with him anymore because he doesn’t see it as effective, especially if we don’t plan to bathe with him in the long run. Hopefully we can distract him with running water and raise the temperature a little bit. Either that or we’ll have to sponge bath him.


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