Bath time technique one: day one

With LO crying hysterically at bath time, we’re trying new techniques to ease his fears and keep him clean. Last night, we removed his little bath tub and filled up the regular tub with a small amount of water. My husband carried LO into the bath with him, but LO was still crying a lot. He wouldn’t even sit down. Every time I toweled him off, I would follow up right away with a dry towel to keep him dry because he didn’t like any water on him, even when it wasn’t anywhere near his eyes.

He would get distracted by little things which was good: he would notice he running water coming out of the faucet, or count the circles on the tiles, or notice his toys. I figure that anything other than crying is good, so I was relieved that he’s starting to try to regulate himself.

Once we got him out of the tub, he was fine for the rest of the night. He didn’t even cry when we left the room. So even though he still cried and quivered during bath time, I’m hoping that a few more days of getting in the tub with him will help reassure him. We’ll see!


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