Second birthday party prep

I’ve started planning LO’s second birthday party, which will be even smaller than the small party we had last year. Last year we had fifty people because we invited some friends with kids. There was no way we could have invited cousins, even just local cousins, because the guest list would have swelled to over 100. That’s what we get for having large families! So this year, we are keeping the party “small” by inviting just our immediate family, bringing the guest list to about 30 people.

LO owns this hammer toy:

I loved the bright colors so I thought I would use it as inspiration for his party. I bought red, blue, green and yellow table covers. Blue utensils will be wrapped in yellow napkins. People will drink out of green cups and eat off of red plates. I bought beach balls in those colors. And I’ll buy one each of red, blue, green and yellow balloons and place one bunch on each of the four tables.

We’ll just order food, and as for cake, I was thinking of making cupcakes and using food coloring for the tops in the four different colors. We’ll see; I try not to do DIY projects for large parties but I’m not sure where else I would get a cake with those specific colors.


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