My hopes for LO when he’s an adult

Most parents want their children to do and be and experience even better lives than they lived. After all, what parent wants their kid to be dumber than they are? That said, here are my hopes for LO when he grows into adulthood:

I hope LO gets to travel more. I hope he gets to see beautiful places, historical places, humbling places. I hope he gets to visit for a quick getaway as well as an extended stay to truly live like a local.

I hope LO goes to a prestigious school. I’m proud of mine and my husband’s schools, but I hope LO can get into schools that we couldn’t get in ourselves. And hopefully he’ll attain higher degrees. Basically I hope LO is smarter than me haha.

I hope LO will have excess money. There, I said it. But I truly hope that he will have an income that will provide him ample opportunities, whether that means retiring early, not having to work, or being able to be picky with his career.

And/or I hope that LO loves his career. Even if he decides a lower income is fine for him, I hope it’s because he loves doing what he does.

I hope LO can excel in a talent. And truly excel at it, where he puts in a ton of time perfecting and practicing his craft.

I hope LO will change this world in a positive way. You hear about brilliant people in the news, while some do their work quietly out of the limelight. Either way, I hope that LO can use his life to better this world, whether on a grand scale or closer to his heart.

I hope LO is a happy adult. I guess it all boils down to raising happy kids. Regardless of the eventual life LO will choose, I truly hope that each choice he makes grants him the happiness that he ought to have.

I have high expectations of LO, and I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing. While I may look back at this list 30 years from now and find that none of them have come true, at least he’ll grow up knowing we have always believed in him. With a world that can often be discouraging, his parents above all will tell him that he can achieve many aspirations.


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