Why I have been so behind with posts


This week has been crazy with the amount of work I’ve been doing. It doesn’t help that I had also taken on a freelance project that required me to deal with an obnoxious and condescending client. Thankfully I “fired” that client and won’t be resuming work for them any longer. Even then, my regular job has been pretty hectic.

Thankfully LO had been in good spirits. Even when I worked from home with him, he was very good about entertaining himself, or waiting for Mama to finish something, and very patient. I make sure to make it up to him by giving him 100% of my attention when I’m able to.

So thank goodness for the weekend. This time we had my family over for a housewarming, since only a handful of them have seen our new place. Unfortunately, LO decided that today would be the day he would break his streak of being fully cooperative. He was already in a sour mood even in the morning. We were heading to the lagoon again and he would cry because his toy fell onto the car fall. Just ridiculous things like that. So it didn’t help when 11 other people visited our place.

Weirdly he would fall in and out of his sour mood. There would be times when he constantly cried for me, or he would cry because we had to tell him not to do something. And just complain about whatever situation he was in: if he was in his chair, he wanted down. If he was sitting, he wanted standing.

But then other times he was in a super cheerful mood. He especially loved playing with my sister M and my cousin M. He also seems to get along fairly well his younger cousins and would play in his room with them, or out on the patio. I think since he’s the only baby in the family, it’s easy to smother him with attention, and when it’s “one of those days” for him, it doesn’t exactly add up to a happy disposition.

All in all though, I enjoyed myself. I always love having people over and being able to chit chat and keep ourselves up to date. Sometimes though I feel guilty because I wish that LO was somewhere else so that I could fully participate in a conversation, or fully enjoy my meal, or not have to be restricted because someone is crying, or needs to be fed, or needs to be changed, or needs this and that. But then I figure that is part of parenting, and while family members can cut you a break by spending time with him for a few minutes so that you can sit at the table with the others, in the end you’re still the mom who has to do all of the above.


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