Blue lagoon and a family party

This morning I got a treat: I got to sleep in! I needed it; I’ve been so fatigued these past few days. But once we were all up and about, we went to a small lagoon nearby. LO got to see a bunch of ducks and birds, probably 50 total, swimming in the water. The banks were so slippery though that all three of us ended up slipping and falling on our butts! It started out with LO slipping, and since he was with his dad, his dad ended up slipping too. Then I ran over to help, and I fell running over there.





After our messy morning, my husband’s family visited us for a housewarming and to celebrate one of his sister’s birthday. LO had so much fun playing with the kids. He happily took on the role of “monkey in the middle,” running after the balls that they would toss each other. He also played with his little cousin, but he did misbehave by pulling his hair. I just had to acknowledge his feelings and show him that his cousin got sad and hurt. He was actually pretty good whenever he would get disciplined. Another time I had to tell him to not throw certain toys because they could break and they could also hurt other people if he threw them. He got upset but didn’t throw the crazy cries I was afraid he might unleash. He was a happy little boy all throughout.

Now that we’re more settled in, I want to continue having people over, especially since LO enjoys having company over so much.


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