Car wash, wetlands and a fiesta

What a packed day! Saturday started off with our usual pancake breakfast. Then we went to a nearby park with a recycling facility; that way LO got to play on the grass and playground and we got to dump our recyclables.

After that, we headed over to the car wash. It was the first time LO has been to one, so he liked watching the cars go through the tunnel where they spray and spin and soap all the cars. Later we sat outside and watched the people dry up our car. I was surprised he actually enjoyed himself, although thinking about it further, I shouldn’t have been, considering that there were so many new things for him to look at.

We went to another park and ate his snacks there, then headed over to the Ballona wetlands. This was our first time visiting the wetlands and I was impressed. There’s a trail that you can walk on if you want to exercise or go for a stroll. And if you want to get closer to the wetlands, you can just enter through the gates and see the animals up close. We got to see ducks, all kinds of birds, dragonflies and even a small lobster. The weather was hot so it sort of made it uncomfortable to be outside and we weren’t able to stay long, but I definitely want to go back when it’s cooler or maybe earlier or later in the day.

Then LO took a nap, only 45 minutes though and with a bit of crying to begin with. But he woke up fine and we headed over to the Fiesta la Ballona. Parking’s a bit crazy there, so we always take the bus to get there. LO loved riding on the bus so much that he didn’t want to get off. But once we arrived at the fiesta, he was mesmerized by all the rides, especially the carousel and the ferris wheel. We bought tickets and my husband and I each rode on the carousel with LO. He also liked looking at a game where you try to toss a ring around ducks’ necks that were all floating in water.

They had a petting area there so we took him in and he got to pat a few of the animals. His favorite was a black baby goat that he would giggle at whenever he patted it. He also patted a baby horse, a sheep, a goat, and a llama. That was the first time he got to see those animals up close and pet them.


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