Colors, numbers and ABCs

At 22 months, LO is chugging along with learning his colors, numbers and alphabet letters. So far, he can identify basic colors (red, blue, green, yellow, purple, orange, pink, purple, black, white, brown). I now have the habit of asking what color something is: “What color is the truck?”

He can also identify and say all 26 letters in upper case. He started off with sounds a while ago (“buh”), and now he can say what the letters are (“B”). So far he can’t put letters together to make words or can’t read letter combinations yet. But he can read his name, whether I use magnets or write it on paper, he knows that those letters are supposed to mean his name (even though he’s probably not sure exactly how, e.g. that these letters stand for sounds).

He can count up to six in Spanish but I don’t think he actually knows what counting does haha. But he can identify numbers up to 12 and say what it is. He’s also really into two-digit numbers. For instance, I’ll ask him to make the number 12 using our magnets on the fridge, and he’ll place the 1 and the 2 next to each other. Then I’ll ask him to make 21, and he’ll flip the numbers. Or I’ll ask him to make random 2-digit combination, like “Can you make number ’35’?” and he’ll put the 3 and the 5 next to each other. He’s still amateur at this and gets plenty wrong, but I think it’s neat that he’s starting to put two digits together.

He especially likes 66 and 99 because he knows that when you rotate 66 it becomes 99 and vice versa, so he’s always flipping them around and saying, “sixty-six! ninety-nine!” He’ll also sometimes identify numbers he doesn’t see all the time, like if we’re reading a new library book, he’ll point to the page number and say “24!”

I think he’s also starting to get the concept of what numbers stand for; that “two” means there are two things. For instance, he’ll see two buses, and he’ll say “dos!” or he likes to point to his hands and say “uno, dos!” I don’t think he applies that concept to other numbers, like one or three yet, but he likes to point out when he sees two of something similar.

One of the coolest things about spending time with him is being able to watch him learn more and more every day. They really do just soak everything up during these early years.


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